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    Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar

    Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar

    Category: Restraints
    Codigo: 1063-2175

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    Between work, shopping, friends, family and various errands she was constantly on the go. I had started griping she was always running off when we could be spending time together. She obviously picked up on my concerns because when I came home that night, there she was in bed, covers pulled up to reveal the brand new teddy she was wearing. So does this mean you’re in for the night, I asked with a smile. She threw off the covers and revealed the neoprene bar cuffed to her ankles. Does this answer your question, she demurred.

    Size: 15 Inches
    Color: Black
    Flexibility: Slight
    Designed for: Men and Women
    Brand: Sportsheets

    Price:  €32,95

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